Young activists across Europe creating media for the Right to the City


  • London’s gentrification on screen


    London’s gentrification on screen

    Ruth Glass coined the term gentrification in 1964 to describe the displacement of working-class people from inner-city London districts by middle-class incomers. Around the same time the process began filtering through to screens.

  • What to do in the event of a wreck. Right to the City Lab Notes


    What to do in the event of a wreck. Right to the City Lab Notes

    The Spanish group underwent a drastic change with the arrival of the pandemic. Their aim was to mapping of the labor precariousness in the tourist sector hits an iceberg and we are about to collapse, but suddenly they found themselves shut away in a city without tourists. In this post, it is explained how they collectively addressed a change of direction in their project.

  • The project reacts


    The project reacts

    Although the virus has penetrated to different extents, all partners are working from home and continuing to work away from their offices. As well as practical difficulties, there are conceptual ones too: post-COVID, right to the city issues aren’t quite the same.