About this project

Young citizens creating media for the right to the city across Europe

About this project

Media has a role in improving the public spaces that we inhabit in our cities. It also shapes our imagination and structures our interactions in the public sphere. Citizens across Europe are raising their voices to reclaim their right to participate in those debates that help us improve the quality of our daily lives. MediActivism connects young citizens working on the right to the city through media to foster more liveable public spaces, better housing conditions or measures to struggle against climate change.

MediActivism consists of a series of activities happening in different cities of Europe: a Hackcamp, a format of encounter oriented to face challenges by designing prototypes that give an answer to the needs of the local context; a Right to the City Laboratory, a group of diverse participants to implement a campaign claiming the demands of citizenship; and a Policy Fora to foster changes in our cities’ policies regarding the right to the city. These activities happening in different local contexts are connected and scaled up to encourage a broader discussion in the European public sphere.

Democracy runs on screens!

Project Timeline

Project Timeline


  • ECF


    An independent & impact driven foundation that accelerates, catalyses, connects and communicates civil society initiatives in arts and culture - rethinking and building Europe as an open, inclusive and democratic space. They are the coordinators of the project.

  • Fanzingo


    Fanzingo is a participatory media house situated in Botkyrka, Stockholm county, Sweden. The aim of the organization is to create possibilities for underrepresented stories and perspectives to be seen and heard in the public sphere.

  • Krytyka Polityczna

    Krytyka Polityczna

    Political Critique is a pan-european online magazine for democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation-state. One of its main premises is to break the artificial limits between politics and art and they publish written and audiovisual content from the most relevant authors in the fields of sociology, philosophy, art and culture theory.

  • Kurziv


    Through the development of critical and analytical discourse Kurziv – Platform for Matters of Culture, Media and Society promotes culture and media as key factors in strengthening the position of independent media and independent cultural scene in order to enhance an egalitarian society. Our mission is realized through a non-profit web portal, educational programmes in the field of contemporary culture, art and media and through documenting the activities of the independent cultural scene and other forms of public activity.

  • ZEMOS98


    A cooperative that develop mediation processes that activate relationships between activists, artists, academics, foundations and public institutions. They work towards a culture of participation that fosters a critical citizenry with mainstream narratives.