All the MediActivism European Hackcamp results in one place!


We are ready to share the outputs of the MediActivism European Hackcamp! These are the results of intense days of collective thinking. But first of all, let's review what happened during the event.

All the MediActivism European Hackcamp results in one place!

The Hackcamp took place online from the 24th to the 28th of May. We launched the event with the People Speak. They produced an image of Sewazamasturockgrebino, the newst perfect city in the world that meets all right to the city demands (or maybe not) You can see it below. Sewazamasturockgrebino was built upon several live-reports from cities and projects involved in MediActivism. If you missed this great show, you can watch it on Youtube and congratulate The People Speak in here.

The Hackcamp working sessions started the day after: three hours per session, three days and forty participants (activists, policy-makers, journalists, artists, and researchers) to reclaim our right to the city through different media contents. Participants worked hard at different workgroups to meet a specific goal. The aim? To create different prototypes working in a peer-to-peer horizontal way that allowed them to get to know each other, exchange learnings, tactics and ways of doing in a careful way.

Solarpunk narratives, a caring city map, soundscapes of Europe, collaborative journalism tools, and games with the city as a board were the sparkles that lit the fire of exciting conversations across five different video calls. To be honest, we would have loved to meet in person rather than virtually, but participants made the most of the digital nature of this event.

All the prototypes were presented publicly during the last day of the Hackcamp, the 28th of May. You can take a look at the video on Youtube, in case you missed it.

And now, let’s get into all these tables in more detail! Follow the different links to get to know what every different group produced:

Table 1: Caring City Map

Table 2: Solarpunk Methodologies

Table 3: Gaming the city

Table 4: Soundscapes of Europe

Table 5 - Collaborative Journalism: How to

Visual reports

All these results went with the work of the visual reporters, Kaja Kusztra and Pola Salicka, who captured through draws, pictures, and illustrations the processes that happened in each workgroup. If you want to see the hackcamp through a visual resume, take a look at this amazing job (the link is coming soon).

Feel free to download, share and improve all these outputs to reclaim for the right to the city.