Launch of “The Office of Nothingism of Marseille”


The office of Nothimgism welcomes you and offers you a new vision of the Ex-Marseille Provente monopoly. Our agents are available to consult you and co-build with you citizen labels to be awarded to our beautiful city in ruins!

Launch of “The Office of Nothingism of Marseille”

The inauguration on social networks of this participatory platform for reflection and mediatization around the right to the city consisted in the launch of a series of online Meetings™ in afterwork format. On November 26, the of Nothimgism a pun resulting from the French word “rien” = “nothing” applied to the tourist information office team encounters for the first time the inhabitants of Marseilles.

Its objective? To speak out and counterpoint the race for labels and urban marketing, by exposing the most salient issues experienced and felt by the inhabitants of Marseilles. This counter discourse is built around 3 main themes, which are also at the center of the online Meetings™ and website proposed by the Office: surveillance, air pollution and poor housing. By opening the debate on these issues, the Office intends to allow visitors and inhabitants to share their views on their lived space in order to complexify the positive but fixed image given by the institutions.

On November 26, the Office e-brought together Félix Tréguer, associate researcher at the Centre Internet and Society of the CNRS and founding member of the Quadrature du Net, and Eda, a computer engineer and member of the Quadrature du Net. During this meeting, Félix told us about the issues related to technologies used in contemporary security policies and "Safe City" projects, while Eda presented the Technopolice campaign, launched by associations and activist collectives in 2019 to document the panoptic surveillance of urban space for police purposes and to organize civic collective resistance.

On December 2, the Office welcomed in its digital space Stéphane Castel from Atmosud - an association that collects data and assists in decision-making on air quality -, Emilie Rembert and Thibault Miquel from Particules - a project aimed at quantifying and illustrating the health impact of air pollution - and Gaëlle Cloarec, a journalist and environmental activist from Zibeline, who shared their expertise and experience in the presence of other specialists and activists involved in ecological issues (Coline Charbonnier, Florence Joly, Philippe Villaume, among others).

To close this series of online engaged Meetings™, that of December 10 will be dedicated to a particularly topical issue in the Marseilles context: poor housing. A plurality of representatives of the collectives created the day after the collapse of the buildings on Aubagne street in 2018, (Marseille en Colère, Collectif du 5 novembre, Architectes sans Frontière… as well as researchers will have the opportunity to establish a real dialogue on that issue.

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