MediActivism in Torino


A new hub of Mediactivism is now active in Torino, where three groups of citizens have started different media actions in order to support their causes. Check them out.

MediActivism in Torino

Since february 2021 in Torino a group of activists started gathering online and offline trying to understand what rights young people are missing in their own city, reflecting on the structural changes that have taken place in the last few years in the metropolitan area of Torino and finding out common issues and threats that are shared by other people in other European cities.

Together they figure out common needs and a shared vision of the city's issues, learning useful tools to develop media actions in order to make a change possible. Thanks to these reflections 3 different media actions has been developed to support 3 different causes in Torino:

  1. Right to the (green) city: One action takes place in southern Turin, where a group of activists made a deal with the city council in order to transform illegal urban gardens into a legal community project. When the project started part of the abusive farmers abandoned the place and part of them - instead - decided to stay and to help the activists, who are now involving other citizens in creating their own garden. the group of activist is now realizing a video to show how the project works and to show how participants' life has changed after taking over a piece of ground in the city and start producing their own food.
  2. Tales of past Events: In the northern margin of Turin a group of active young people tries to retrace the history of territorial activation and community events. Before 2016, the year in which there was a dramatic accident during a city event, associations were able to organize community events and initiatives very easily even in the suburbs. Now, the world of social entertainment aimed at community consolidation is gradually dying out. In this video, we interview active protagonists who tell us about the importance of community events and the organizational difficulties they have to face today compared to the past.
  3. Mind the trap: In the suburbs of Turin some youngest gave birth to a very personal evolution of trap and drill hip hop music. They are mainly living on council estates, their families are of Moroccan or Tunisian origins as well as Kurdish, Senegalese, Romanian and Italian. After the spread of Covid-19 the neighbourhoods have been militarized since day one of lockdown. Police and governmental forces have built a process of criminalization of these youngsters who usually spend their life in the streets, also helped by the populist and sensationalist narrative of the official media which has defined them as “criminals” and “animals”. A group of guys from RBL online radio involved two young romanian trapper, Vandall and Argo, in the production of a radio podcast in order to give them a chance to speak out their thoughts and express their creativity.