Media narratives for the right to the post-covid city: MediActivism Talk Show


Join us on the first MediActivism Talk Show on Tuesday 15th December. 13:00h CET

Media narratives for the right to the post-covid city: MediActivism Talk Show

Join us on the first MediActivism Talk Show on Tuesday 15th December. 13:00h CET!

An online conversation with activists and media producers to reflect on how to portray and struggle for the right to the city after a pandemic. The Talk Show will be valuable for journalists, activists and media producers, but it is open for anyone to attend. You just have to fill the form below and we will send you the Talk Show’s link via email in the coming days.

Is the right to the city still relevant to think about our social relations and struggles in the city after the post-covid pandemic? There are many ways in which the social role of the city has changed in just a few months, and we are still trying to envision and to understand the new setting of the cities and how it meets our needs as connected human beings.

This conversation, hosted by Delphine Salvi and Elven Sicart in Les Têtes de l'Art, will go through some of the traditional struggles that have been part of different European right to the city movements to reflect about the challenges we are facing as a society in the coming months and years, taking special attention at creative narratives that are portraying the scenario and its difficulties in an innovative way.


Dan Hancox: British journalist who writes about music, politics, gentrification, cities, protest, public space, food, multicultures, social movements, Spain and more, chiefly for the Guardian and Observer, but also the New York Times, London Review of Books, Newsweek, Vice, The Fader, New Statesman, Dazed, Prospect, Frieze and XXL. | Twitter: @danhancox

Iva Marčetić. Master degree in architecture from Architectural school, University of Zagreb. She has been a part of architectural activist group Pulska grupa that for years fought privatization and devastation city of Pula’s coastline. As a member of Right to the city organization from Zagreb she has been involved in many campaigns defending public and common goods and resources such as a successful campaign against privatization of national highway infrastructure.

Moha Gerehou: An anti-racist activist and a journalist. He was born in Spain, with origins in the Gambia, from where her parents emigrated more than 30 years ago. In, he manages the social networks and develops written and audiovisual content related to racism and migration. | Twitter: @mohagerehou

Aleyna Kaya: A young journalist and activist, from Fittja, Stockholm. She writes about everything from societal issues, human rights, mental health and fashion. She is also participant of the Swedish lab, where she appears in the show "We in Sweden" where she and former Nazi Patrik Asplund will explore Sweden and the image of Sweden.

Valérie Manteau: Author and journalist, she worked at the Mucem from 2013 to 2018. She has also produced a series of portraits of women activists for La Marseillaise. Winner of the Renaudot Literary Prize, she is an active member of the Grassroot General Assembly from Marseille.

Igor Stokfiszewski Researcher, activist, journalist, and artist. He’s a member of the Krytyka Polityczna organization team. He is active in the board of trustees of European Alternatives organisation and the coordinating collective of DiEM25 social movement. He is a lecturer at the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw.


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This Talk Show is the first of a series that will deepen on issues related to the right to the city as part of the Erasmus+ funded project MediActivism, coordinated by the European Cultural Foundation.