Table 2: Solarpunk Methodologies


How to make collective politics through a Solarpunk approach? Table 2 had been working in a toolkit that can be adapted to different contexts. It is an excellent way to get inspiration from utopian communities and projects.

Table 2: Solarpunk Methodologies
  • Goal: to create a replicable pedagogical experience with solarpunk and social imagination at its center. Solarpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that envisions how the future might look if we humans succeed in solving our climate change problems.
  • Members of this group: Helen Torres (facilitator), Vera Goshkoderia, Krystyna Jędrzejewska-Szmek, Jere Kuzmanić, Lucía Sell, Laura Simeoni and Gosia Wrzosek.

The output

A toolkit that can be adapted to different locations for different people in specific contexts to work on the design of real collective politics. The methodologies developed were focused on active listening, thinking from specific contexts; getting inspiration from utopian communities and projects that already exist, seeking for attunement rather than empathy.

License: CC-BY-SA. Feel free to share, use and hack this prototype!

Below is the presentation of the results. You can see how the participants of this table explained their process at the MediActivism European Hackcamp.