Table 3: Gaming the City


Gaming is the source of potential "city hacks" and the table 3 seized on that to propose other approaches to bring the city closer. The result was a game to be played from empathy and the female gaze standpoint.

Table 3: Gaming the City
  • Goal: to produce a working prototype in which civic engagement is achieved through a playful engagement with the urban environment.
  • Members of this group: Teja Rot (facilitator), Alina Minkova, Paola Pizzo, Nikos Vandoros, Paula Velasco, María Yáñez and Ivana Pejić.

The Output

Are you a man? Well, imagine you are a woman walking on the streets. Depending on your background, the challenges you must overcome in a city change considerably. As a citizen, you probably need to go from one place to another, but what perils will you find on your path? This is the premise of the game created by this group, A woman goes for a walk…, one that means you should play from empathy and female gaze approaches.

Here it is if you want to play; it is worth a try.

License: CC-BY-SA. Feel free to share, use and hack this prototype!

Below is the presentation of the results. You can see how the participants of this table explained their process at the MediActivism European Hackcamp.