Table 4: Soundscapes of Europe


How to work in the right to the city through the lens of sound? Table 4 focused on the notion of Caring city to create a guide with some tools to listen to care and fully to our surrounding urban environments.

Table 4: Soundscapes of Europe
  • Goal: to convey the current struggles of European citizenship in its diversity through layers of urban ambience, voices, and “accented” (singular) experiences.
  • Members of this group: María Andueza (facilitator), Tin Dožić, Diana Filimon, Ángeles Huerta, Edka Jarzab, Zoi Michailova, Alexandre Ba, Lorenzo Ricca, Íñigo Sánchez-Fuarros and Alexandre Ba.

The output

A toolkit to explore and think about the city through its sounds. We believe in sound and listening as valuable tools for right to the city activism. These elements allow for envisioning other ways of understanding citizenship and belonging, but they also make it possible to imagine more inclusive and diverse cities.

If you want to explore your city this way, you should download the toolkit here. License: CC-BY-SA. Feel free to share, use and hack this prototype!

Below is the presentation of the results. You can see how the participants of this table explained their process at the MediActivism European Hackcamp.