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Consulting a witch to fix a broken heart


Consulting a witch to fix a broken heart

Calin Dinulescu, 2010 | Metropolis TV (Romania)

Meet 23-year-old Emanuela. She has her heart broken by her boyfriend who left her. But there’s no need for her to worry, because there are many ways to fix a broken heart. One of those ways might sound strange to some, but is quite common in Romania; Emanuela goes to see a witch and not just any witch, but ‘the queen of white magic’. This witch is famous for her wide range of spells and is known to be the greatest witch of Romania. Emanuela’s intention of going there is to get her boyfriend back, but the witch has a surprise in store for her 23 year old customer: her ex-boyfriend has a new partner and to make the situation worse this person has casted an evil curse on Emanuela. In order to get rid of the curse and to have another shot at a happy relationship the witch performs a magical ritual on Emanuela. Made by Calin Dinulescu.