Original Title:
Live Free or Die Hard (Project 12, 8/12)
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Political Remix Video


Live Free or Die Hard (Project 12, 8/12)

Diran Lyons, 2011 | ZEMOS98 (United States)

LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD (Project 12, 8/12) features a series of crafted statements inspired by political commentaries at during July and August 2011. Instead of various presidents combining to make an overall commentary (as was the case in the 2007 theatrical release of Live Free or Die Hard), Barack Obama is the sole speaker of the remix. He is made to say the following: The wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations spent a lot of money on my campaign to protect big Wall Street banks, quick profits, and fat executive bonuses, so business as usual can reign. I am going to keep on serving special interests, big corporations, and gas companies. And I intend to pretend that it is for the good of the country. Simply put: we need to extend tax cuts for the most fortunate among us, like corporations that have been making record profits. I'm happy to do it, and that's what we've been doing. The fact is: this is a """"shared sacrifice."""" We are sacrificing the American people and sharing taxpayers' money amongst the rich. (Natalie Portman): That's quite enough of that, thank you very much. We're not done. We need an approach that makes some serious cuts to worthy programs. If you're a senior citizen -- I've said it before, and I will say it again -- Social Security and Medicare will be eliminated. If you ask Democrats and Republicans, they say we've got no money, and they send you home. Meanwhile, we are killing innocent civilians around the globe. Live free, or die hard. Project 12."