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Seeing Sound and Hearing Colour A Music Video for Synesthesia
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Produced by the British Film Institute in 2012 as part of the Doc Next Media Lab scheme.
Mixed Media


Seeing Sounds and Hearing Colours; A Music Video for Synesthesia

Taran Burns, 2012 | BFI Future Film (United Kingdom)

'That one's white, sort of grey and thin. Now it's losing colour' 'Yeah, you get to the disintegration point again, it's all falling away' 'It's darker' 'All you can do is smash your hands against the wall' 'Blissful and a bit mysterious, it's sort of trippy' Researchers have never agreed on quite how common Synesthesia is, with estimates ranging from 1 in 500 to 1 in 100,000. What is agreed on is that it affects the senses and Synesthetes' perceptions of the world around them. In this project, Taran Burns (1987) composed an original piece of music and asked Synesthetes to describe what it was they saw when they heard the sounds. He then built on this by layering his own interpretation of a Synesthetes visuals on top of the documentary. This film was made as part of an experimentation module, during which our Labbers were encouraged to push boundaries and try new styles and techniques.