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Abderhamane : letter to my mum
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Displaced in Media


Abderhamane : letter to my mum

Abderhamane Hadjazi, 2018 | Les Tetes De L'Art (France)

Abderhamane writes to his mum to tell her about his new life in France. Marseille and Oran, through his memories and his present life, seem to become a single city. This film has been made by Abderhamane, a 14-year-old boy hosted by AAJT (Young Workers Assistance Association). Abderhamane fled from his home country, Algeria, and arrived in France recently.  With the help of two professional video makers (Stefan Sao Nélet and Dogan Boztas) and the civic service volunteers from Boulègue TV, les Têtes de l’art (Julien Tartarin, Mathias Menu, Chloé Mécheri and Laetitia Gau), Abderhamane wrote, directed and acted in the film we are presenting. Julien Tartarin edited the film and followed Abderhamane during the writing and the shooting.The idea was to make his voice heard as much as giving him the opportunity to learn about the main audiovisual tools through different workshops. In the framework of the European project “Displaced in Media” that supports refugee participation through media literacy education this video was created.     Uses   This video could be used mostly as an invitation to discussion, as an example of individual cases, point of view, underlining some issues a refugee can go through. These videos could be shown in households, language schools, associations working with refugees and any cultural event relating to the subject.