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Zona 6: a radio podcast about Torino trap scene (trailer)
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Zona 6: a radio podcast about Torino trap scene (trailer)

Stefano Murgia, Davide Cattaneo, 2021 | Banda Larga APS (Spain)

At the beginning of May 2021 the members of RBL Torino Stefano and Davide met two young artists who live just around the corner of their radio studio in Via Baltea, in the Northern part of Turin. They produce music and write lyrics under the monikers of Vandal Barriera and Argo and they proudly represent the emerging musical scene of the peripheral neighborhood of Barriera di Milano. As they instantly felt excited about our proposal to produce a series of radio podcasts, we recorded the first rehearsal a couple of days later. Although they never had the chance to conduct for a radio show before, they both looked at ease while speaking of their lives and passions at the mic. Their fluency and enjoyment during the first recording sessions really surprised us and made us feel comfortable with our proposal to curate a format that they later would call Zona 6 as a reference to the district in which we all live and work. So long they produced three radio podcasts with our technical supports focusing on the trap musical scene and on the everyday life in the suburb. Their point of view on the city is really surprising as they not only have important things to say but they also know very well the history and the contradictions of their neighborhood.   First episode of the series Zona 6 was published on RBL.MEDIA’s Mixcloud channel on 7th July 2021.