Right to the City Labs

Right to the City Labs

Journalists, filmmakers, researchers, architects, graphic designers and others gathering around our main question: what can we do with media to make our cities a better place to live in? A series of interconnected media laboratories taking place in Botkyrka, Marseille, Seville, Warsaw and Zagreb to produce digital campaigns for the right to the city. Right to the City Labs gather a group of young activists with diverse backgrounds and professional skills to reclaim their say in the way we use and build our public spaces, in the capacity to push for transformations that give an answer to climate change or in the way we deal with over-tourism in modern cities.

In every local context that participates in MediActivism the participants of the Right to the City Lab chose and develop their own scope within the three overall themes - housing, public space and intercultural dialogue. They will be focused during 2020 on developing digital media contents to be shared, used and replicated in digital spheres and offline contexts, with the goal of amplifying the visibility and scaling up the work that is being done by communities of activists.

Cities & Issues

  • Botkyrka



    Intercultural dialogue

  • Warsaw

    Krytyka Polityczna


    Climate impact on the city

  • Zagreb



    City in times of crisis: building a network of care and solidarity

  • Marseille

    Les Têtes de l'Art


    “The Office of nothingism” - Gentrification