Intercultural dialogue

Fanzingo’s Right to the City Lab has taken what the young people of Botkyrka have identified on the theme from their own perspectives. For them it was about health, safety/security, freedom and housing/living. It has resulted in many different stories told and the RTTC Lab has focused on developing some of them.

One is called “We in Sweden” and it's about the images and stories that are out there about our segregated and polarized country and the people living in it. So is it true? Who gets to tell the stories? Which images and perspectives come out in the media? Can we be truthful, constructive and bring people together with our stories?

“Mother of culture” a cultivation and culture project that wants to bring together citizens/residents with knowledge about cultivation, biodiversity, nature's ecosystem and ecological learning in their own backyards. Young people and activists grew vegetables and herbs, harvested them, cooked them and told stories about how everything is connected.

We are exploring what young people learn in this process and how they can engage policymakers with their stories and perspectives so their ideas become a reality. Our lab has created meetings between young people's perspectives and policymaker’s knowledge and power to take action together for social inclusion.


  • 23/10/2020

    The Shoo magazine fresh of the box: by youth for youth

    Us in Fanzingo have had a busy summer. One of the things that we worked with during the summer was a magazine that is published every summer by youth from Botkyrka and Fanzingo. This year's magazine, as last years, was filled with themes that touch on the Right to the City theme. Some of the subjects in this years magazine are how to start guerrilla gardening, a Black Lives Matter activist, how the pandemic has affected the youth in the suburbs of Stockholm and an unexpected collaboration between a young muslim journalist and a former nazi. Recently we received the magazine from the print and we cant be more excited to share it - but we have to wait until we can do a launch since our planned launch was postponed due to the new wave of the virus. To be continued…

  • 29/09/2019

    Mediactivism Hackcamp in Botkyrka

    Video. On August 2019 in a Hackcamp in Alby, Botkyrka young people interviewed three Right to the city activists on their activism and the issues they fight for. This film was made as part of the MediActivism project financed by the EU.