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“The Office of nothingism” - Gentrification

Following the Hackcamp carried out in Marseille in November, a group of young people involved in various collectives and media professionals decided to propose a Right to the City Lab dedicated to the right to a good housing, real air quality and less surveillance in the public space. This Laboratory of the Right to the City will take the form of a platform called “Office of nothing-ism”. It seeks to build a counter-discourse to the institutional narrative produced by and for the town’s marketing campaign.  This way the lab, based on solid indicators and a research action method,  pretends to contribute to denounce with humor how the institutional labelling and its associated discourses try to cover some other realities. 


  • 23/10/2020

    Launch of “The Office of Nothingism of Marseille”

    The office of Nothimgism welcomes you and offers you a new vision of the Ex-Marseille Provente monopoly. Our agents are available to consult you and co-build with you citizen labels to be awarded to our beautiful city in ruins! Check it

  • 15/09/2020

    Webiste coming soon

    The site of The Office du Rienrisme will be publised soon. It'll welcomes you and offers you a new vision of the "Ex-Marseille Provente monopoly". Our agents are available to consult you and co-construct with you citizen labels to be awarded to our beautiful city in ruins!

    Don't hesitate to come and be consulted by our agents and propose your own label. We look forward to seeing you at the Office!....

  • 30/06/2020

    Interviews with participants of the Hackcamp

    • Interview with Amandine Poupat In this interview Amandine asks specific questions about urban planning, its meaning, the morphology of cities and the usefulness and sens given to public services. She also raises the question of the involvement of the inhabitants in the life of the city.
    • Interview with Elven Sicard: In this interview Elven talks about the gentrification and labelling of cities, particularly Marseille. How does this influence the lives of the people who live there? What are the impacts on urban development? How can the data provided by the local authority be brought together with the data provided by the inhabitants in order to rethink urban development?
    • Interview with Faustine Vieillot This short presentation offers the principal data about the poor housing and its effects on the different neighborhoods in Marseille. The video was made during the Mediactivism hackcamp, in 2019 in Marseille, hosted and produced by Les Tetes de L'Art.
  • 29/06/2020

    Does Marseille Still Exist? - Mediactivism Hackcamp in Marseille

    • Video. The dichotomy between the management of space and the reality lived by most of people has reached such a degree creating such inequalities that the economist Philippe Langevin publicly asked a disturbing question: “Does Marseilles still exist? As a result of 3 consultative meetings and in reference to this reflection, we have collectively decided to name our Hackcamp "Does Marseille still exist?". The Hackcamp tried, then, to bring elements of response to this deliberately provocative question.